It is said that “what you eat cannot be found in a better place other than in your teeth.” This is because many of the foods and beverages you consume on a daily basis can result in plagues, a condition that can further damage your teeth.

Usually, a plague is considered a sticky film made of bacteria cells that plays a significant role in causing gum disease as well as tooth decay. After you’ve consumed snacks and meals rich in sugar, the sugars stimulate the bacteria to release acids that specifically attack the tooth’s enamels. This, in turn, results in the breakdown of your enamels and development of cavities.

Have you ever thought of the ways to prevent plagues from wreaking havoc on your entire dental system? Apart from brushing your teeth at least twice daily, flossing and even engaging in regular visits to the dentists, you should also try as much as you can to avoid some of the foods we’ve highlighted below.



It is widely known and believed that alcohol intake isn’t entirely healthy. However, do you always observe that your mouth gets dry after intake of alcohol? Usually, a dry mouth typically lacks saliva, and saliva is constantly needed in the mouth region to keep the teeth healthy. Saliva also functions in preventing foods from sticking permanently to your mouth and helps to wash away food particles.

Saliva also helps to treat the early signs of tooth decay, gum diseases, and other oral infections that affect the mouth. In order to keep your mouth hydrated at all times, you need to consume plenty of water and make use of fluoride rinses as well as oral hydration solutions.



If ice contains water, does it mean its fine to continue chewing ice? No. As reported by the American Dental Association, chewing on a hard substance can contribute to significant damage of the dental enamel, making you susceptible to dental issues such as cracked, broken, loosened or chipped tooth. You can make use of ice to chill your beverages, but you should not chew on it. In order to resist the urge, you can opt for a chilled drink or water instead of ice.


These and many other worst foods can damage your teeth significantly. Are you battling with a cracked tooth? Have you been battling with oral infections? Get in touch with us at Stephens General Dentistry today. A trial will surely convince you.