No one is happy with having to get braces. It is not a pleasant one, but now you have a way out! Invisible braces are a new option which helps you remove the stigma, and discomfort of wearing dental braces.

Does this make you a little bit more comfortable about braces? Then read on to know how this option can be your savior!


How are invisible braces different?

Braces are usually used in order to straighten teeth which are misaligned. Generally, these problems are fixed during the late childhood, but sometimes even adults need to get the braces fixed. Initially, metal braces were the best way to deal with teeth alignment problems. However, those braces were highly uncomfortable and were generally considered as unsightly as they hamper the overall appearance of a person.

Fortunately, now you can be at peace as the new age braces will not hamper your appearance. Invisible braces are also known as ibraces, lingual braces, or Incognito.


How are invisible braces fixed?

Rather than being fixed on the front of your teeth like the traditional braces are, ibraces are placed on the back of your teeth, so that you cannot see them directly. They are 100 percent customizable, and thus they also contour your teeth and provide comfort to give you the best smile possible.


What treatment do you need to get these braces?

The treatment process to get these braces starts with a consultation with your dentist. Impressions of your teeth are taken, and thereafter, they are sent to an Incognito Appliance Laboratory with a prescription signed by your dentist, and an orthodontist. Models are made from your given impressions and then scanned on the computer. Followingly, experts use 3-D imaging technology to create the ibraces especially for your teeth.

Each bracket and wires are customized and can fit on your teeth through the prescription of your dentist identified for you. It takes about five or six weeks for your braces to be made.


What about the aftercare and services?

ibraces are delivered to your dentist or orthodontist’s office for your bonding appointment. Be prepared with some extra time as the bonding appointment usually takes several hours; however, the amount of time it requires can vary greatly from patient to patient. This type of customization enables few adjustments and obviously fewer visits to the dentist during the entire process.


So if you or anyone in your family is facing a daunting problem of misaligned teeth, then do not hesitate to get the braces fixed. You no longer need to face any kind of embarrassment.Simply consult to a reliable dentist and make the process easy for yourself.

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