Consistent brushing and flossing of your teeth are two significant things you can do from the comfort of your home, and they contribute to a bright as well as a healthy smile. Whenever you brush and floss your teeth regularly, there is a significant removal of debris from your teeth which helps in preventing the buildup of tartar and plaques. Your healthy habit plays a key role in developing healthy gums that prevent the buildup of periodontal diseases and cavities.

Have you ever thought of the best time interval for your toothbrush? Do you ever think of having your toothbrush replaced every three months? Yes. It is widely agreed and recommended by dentists from all across the world that toothbrushes should be replaced every three months. This will aid healthy teeth as well as healthy gums. If you’re in doubt, here are a few compelling reasons to change your toothbrush at regular intervals.


Wear and Tear of Your Toothbrush

The bristles of your toothbrush are no longer effective after about three months of usage. While you may be thinking that your toothbrush is working perfectly, it’s no longer effective in cleaning your teeth after a few months of consistent usage. Toothbrushes that have been used for longer time intervals doesn’t get into the nooks and crannies of your mouth to clean both your teeth and gums compared to a new toothbrush. The bristles tend to become dull and out of place to do their jobs properly.


Buildup of Bacteria

Studies have revealed that a typical toothbrush can harbor a large number of bacteria even up to 10 million. You shouldn’t panic as there are ways to prevent this from happening. And that’s changing your toothbrush at every three-month interval. After every use, you should ensure that the bristles are rinsed properly and stored in an upright position in order to allow the passage of air.

In order to sanitize your toothbrush, you can have it soaked in mouthwash or a solution that contains an equal proportion of water and hydrogen peroxide. Once you’ve been able to soak it for about 10 minutes, you can then place it in an upright position to allow it dry. For further protection, you may place a cover over the bristles in order to protect it from contamination.


Remember, your oral health is a significant part of your life. With regular brushing or flossing, you’ll have a healthy smile and healthy gums. If there are any questions about when to change or replace your toothbrush, get in touch with us at Stephen’s General Dentistry today!