Everyone is familiar with the importance of flossing and brushing. However, many people don’t understand the role of saliva in their mouth. Did you know that saliva offers a lot of benefits when it comes to oral health? We can’t really control the saliva in our mouth as we can ensure the oral health of the teeth. However, if you want to make sure that the production of saliva in your little one’s mouth is sufficient, thereby maintaining their oral health, we have a few tips for you.

Keep reading so that you can carefully understand the importance of saliva. Plus, we have listed the ways with which you can gradually ensure the sufficient production of saliva in your kid’s mouth.


What is Saliva Exactly?

It’s also called as spit. It’s a clear liquid typish thing that’s developed by the salivary glands in your mouth. You can easily find these glands on the inside of each of your cheeks as well as under the jaw and tongue at the very front of your mouth. These glands are known to produce and secrete about 2-4 spit pints in a single day. The production of saliva takes place about 24 hours every day. It’s mostly a mixture of water as well as chemicals that are produced naturally in your body.


How can Saliva Affect the Oral Health of My Child?

Saliva contributes a ton to ensure your little one’s oral health. With the help of saliva, it’s possible that you are able to clean up your entire mouth as well as teeth between meals. With saliva, you can rinse the food particles stuck between your teeth. You would have found it really difficult to eat a sandwich without saliva as you wouldn’t be able to wet up to the food in your mouth. Various enzymes in saliva contribute to reducing the bad bacteria in your mouth. Spit consists of some proteins that help in the protection of the tooth enamel. Plus, it also reduces bad breath.


What Other Roles are Played by Saliva?

Saliva contributes a lot in ensuring the smile of your child. However, it also is known to serve a ton. With the help of enzymes in saliva, you are easily able to digest your food. The various enzymes in saliva help in breaking down the food before it even reaches your stomach. This makes the digestion a lot easy. It provides a kick-start to the stomach in digestion of the food. With the help of saliva, you are able to feel the taste of the delicious food you eat. Without saliva, your tongue would have been absolutely dry. A tongue with a dry taste. Nobody can even imagine that.


Is My Child Producing the Correct Amount of Saliva?

It’s a natural process. Most of them do it naturally. However, due to several medications as well as medical conditions, their mouth can get dry. If they aren’t properly hydrated, then it can lead to a dry mouth. Make sure that they drink tons of water in order to ensure healthy saliva production in their mouth.



Saliva plays a vital role in maintaining the oral health of an individual. And that’s why you should seriously consider its importance. If you think that your child’s mouth is dry and not producing the correct amount of saliva required, its time for a little trip to the pediatric dentists.