Do you know what most people find scary? The thought of losing your natural teeth and getting yourself fixed with dentures. Some people consider it to be breathtaking and it’s a very emotional time for them. If you feel the same, you must be prepared for the different things you might face during the procedure. You must also be prepared on how to care for your new smile; this will ease the transition. This could be a difficult time and you may have to seriously adjust a lot. However, regular communication with your dentist would certainly help you.

In case you are getting dentures, let us inform you with what you should expect during the first 30 days of wearing them.


Day 1

It’s your first day with the dentures and it could turn out to be really difficult. Most likely, you would have had your teeth pulled out and the dentures would have been fixed over the place of extraction which would act as a band-aid. Your dentist would prescribe you some antibiotics and some pain relievers. You must take them as instructed. You don’t have to remove the dentures during your first day. You would likely be called to the clinic the following day. You must consume only soft foods like mashed potatoes, soups, and cheese as well or ice cream.


Day 2-14

The period of healing will begin. You will definitely observe some discomfort from the sore spots. Plus, you will most likely observe an increase in the saliva. You need to visit your dentist on a regular basis for adjustments. It’s not that you are bothering your dentist. Most adjustments would be required to feel good. You need to maintain your soft-food diet. Consumption of any hard food would just bother you more. If you are feeling a great level of discomfort, you must consider including protein and vitamins rich drink in your schedule.


Day 15+

This is the time when the secretion of saliva in your mouth will return to normal. You would experience some trouble while speaking. Plus, you would also not completely be able to eat food that you want to. However, as the days go on, it would improve. You need not get discouraged. Your dentist would really be happy to watch your patience and would love helping you out.

You already know that these are false teeth. However, you need to clean these dentures twice a day, just like your natural teeth. Special denture brushes, as well as pastes, are available in the market. Plus, some soaking tablets are available that you must consume twice a week in order to keep your dentures happy as well as good-looking..



A whole lot of thoughts would come to your mind while thinking about getting dentures. It’s not an easy process. But it’s totally doable. You must communicate regularly with your dentist about your queries. That’s where we excel. We want you to communicate with us regularly.

From a tini-tiny problem to a very huge one, we are there to help you at every step. Just call Stephen’s General Dentistry in Muskogee today to schedule a consultation!