A little bit of blood in your sink when you brush your teeth? Well, that bleeding could be one of the initial signs of gum disease. It has been observed that in the U.S., every person has some of the other kinds of gum disease. The mild version is known as gingivitis wherein your gum tends to get inflated and if left untreated, can travel along the gum line and into the bone causing an even more serious kind, periodontitis.

When the bacteria that are present in your mouth combine with mucus and debris of your food particles, they form a sticky, colorless film that has a tendency to harden into tartar if not taken care of. This substance is also called calculus which damages the tissue below the tooth line and tooth enamel. With the help of professional dental cleaning and a few antibiotics, gingivitis can be treated. However, if left untreated, it can progress to periodontitis which demands severe procedures such as scaling and deep cleaning of tooth roots, surgery or possible bone and tissue grafts. The term periodontitis essentially means the inflammation around the tooth and can cause enough damage to tooth bone and tissue.


Look out For These Symptoms

By the time you hit your 30s- 40s, the signs are prominent, as research suggests. People falling below the age of 25 are less prone to such conditions, although could develop gingivitis. If deducted in the initial stage, the procedure shall also be almost painless, some top signs you must look out for are:

  1. Constant bad breath:The accumulation of plague causes, persistent bad breath or taste that doesn’t go away.
  2. Loose Teeth:As infection spreads, the teeth tend to become loose along with gum pockets becoming deeper. Therefore, loose teeth can be a sign of underlying gum disease bacteria.
  3. Bleeding, swollen, red or tender gums:The bacteria may also cause your gums frequently bleed or become red, swollen or tender. For many, this inflammation is painless and must not ignore the sign.
  4. Sensitivity:Gum recession causes sensitivity which is the result of periodontitis. The protection around the outer surface id lost, which causes the sensitivity.
  5. Gum Recession:As stated earlier, they are the major sign of periodontitis wherein the tissue erodes, exposing the tooth root.

Among others are pus developing around the teeth and gums, shiny gums, sore mouth and gaps appearing between teeth.


How safe are you?

Some factors apart from the above mentioned also play a significant role. To begin with, certain medicines make the mouth dry which is not viable for germs to wash away from the mouth, therefore, causing unwanted tissue growth, etc. Vigilance is accorded for factors such as aging, smoking, no balanced diet, genetics, diabetes, anxiety, and stress or hormonal changes in women.


For All Your Dental Solutions

Gum disease is often overlooked and grows into something unstoppable, and by then it becomes too late.

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