You can keep your kiddo protected from any type of dental problems if you start taking care of their teeth enamel from a very early age. Here are some ways to help you take care of your little one’s dental health. 

1. Get a checkup done.

Ideally, you should take your child to your dentist in the very beginning, i.e first six months. Taking early preventive care saves you money in the long term. According to a CDC report, dental care costs are about 40% lower for children who are consulted with a dentist till the age of 5.


2. Teach them good dental habits.

Brushing is crucial from the very beginning. Before your baby starts getting teeth, you can start gently brushing their gums. Use water on a baby toothbrush, or else clean them with a soft washcloth. When your baby’s first teeth appear, you need to brush twice a day with a special infant toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste.

To induce good dental habits, start flossing their teeth as soon as their teeth start touching each other. Ask your dentist about techniques and schedules. Brush and floss their mouth just before bedtime. Thereafter, don’t give your child any food or drink, except water, till the next morning. Your dentist can also suggest when your child should start using a gentle mouthwash. You’ll need to wait till your child knows how to spit it out.


3. Keep your baby away from the baby bottle decay.

Don’t put your infant or grown-up child down for a nap with a bottle of juice, or milk. Most of the sugary liquids cling to their teeth and feed the bacteria which can cause tooth decay. If you have to give your child a bottle to make them sleep; then make sure that the bottle contains only water.

4. Reduce the intake of juices. 

As new parents, you might think that fruit juices are a healthy daylong choice for a drink, but that can lead to tooth decay. So limit your child’s juice intake to not more than 4 small ounces per day. Also if they are used to having juices, then give them non-sugary drinks and foods at mealtimes, and then use juice only as treats on special occasions.


5. Keep control on sippy cups. 

A sippy cup helps kids move from a bottle to a glass, however, do not allow them all day long. The reason being using it a lot can cause tooth decay on the back and front teeth if the contained drinks are sugary.


Hope these simple tips will help you take care of your little one’s teeth enamel. If you want to learn more, visit Stephen’s General Dentistry for more information! Now you can also schedule an appointment online!