It can be really frustrating to teach your little ones to brush their teeth. Brushing your teeth is considered to be crucial and should be taught to the kids at a really early stage. It’s an important aspect of maintaining personal hygiene. If you don’t develop their habit of brushing their teeth every morning after they wake up, then it can lead to an increase in cavities. And that’s not something that you would want your little ones to face.

And that’s why it’s your duty to make them understand the importance of brushing their teeth every time they get out of their bed early in the morning and when they go to sleep. Here’s how you can do it.


Make Them Understand Practically

Children love to mimic their parents. They follow what their parents do. It’s quite fun for them. And that’s how you can make them develop a habit of brushing their teeth daily. You can be a role model for them. Brush along with them early in the morning. Not only they will be assisted every time they brush, but also they will learn how to brush their teeth by watching you do it properly. You can provide them with a live demonstration on how to carefully clean the teeth’s surface. Your little ones will know more about the habit and will maintain hygiene. You should have a mirror installed in front of the wash-basin. This will make it really easy for them to brush. You also need to make them understand the importance of brushing twice a day.


Which Toothpastes Do Kids Like?

Give them what they want. Lure them in. You should bring them a toothpaste that tastes like candy swirl, bubblegum candy, bubble mint as well as strawberry and orange, etc. This will do wonders for your children. Your little ones will love brushing their teeth and making a habit of it. You should prefer using a toothpaste free from fluoride as sometimes kids tend to swallow the toothpaste. And a fluoride-free toothpaste won’t do harm to them when swallowed.

Nowadays, tooth gem is also available in the market, which is known to be gentler on the toddler’s gums.


Make It Interesting

Children love stories. Tell them some interesting stories that may teach children to brush their teeth. Make it exciting for them. Involve some fictional characters like the tooth fairy. Tell them something like a dinosaur in their mouth that needs to be eliminated by brushing your teeth. Frighten them that the dinosaur will eat all of their teeth if they don’t brush regularly.


Negotiate With The Little Ones

You should not negotiate with them that you will provide them with chocolates and sweets if they brush their teeth. Instead, offer them something that involves some activities like going out to play with them, playing a board game with them, extended time on laptops, etc. Or you can provide them with some healthy bribe that comes to your mind in order to make them brush their teeth. Encourage them by bribing them with their favorite toys. If you have multiple little ones, you should provide them with a bribe that the one who brushes their teeth will be awarded a prize. It will be a seriously healthy competition. This will ultimately lead to preventing various dental problems such as tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, and root canal.


Gift Them A Fancy Brush

The brush used by children plays a major role in the development of the habit of brushing their teeth daily. Choosing the right brush is the secret to a well-maintained dental hygiene. Gift them a brush that is fancy. They will love to brush their teeth with a fancy brush that has the design of their favorite cartoon character.


It’s really important that your children develop the brushing habit at an early stage. And if they still haven’t, then you should start working on making them adapt to the brushing habits instantly!