Pregnancy brings in a lot of biological and emotional changes in a woman’s body. You need to take care of your entire body during your pregnancy.

Your gums and teeth may require extra care and to make your job easier, here are 5 tips.


1. Consult your dentist as soon as you know about your pregnancy.

Along with your gynecologist, your dentist will also help you a lot to maintain your dental health during your pregnancy. So, you must inform your dentist about your pregnancy.

Your dentist may suggest an urgent dental procedure as a precautionary measure. Also, before consulting your dentist, visit your obstetrician to see if they have any special instructions for you.


2. Keep your dentist informed about the names and dosages of all drugs you are taking.

After getting pregnant, you might have a lot of prescribed medications and prenatal vitamins. All these medications might affect your dental health during pregnancy. You must keep your dentist updated about your medications prescribed by your doctor. This will help your dentist alter your dental care routine and help you in maintaining good oral health during pregnancy.


3. Carry out dental x-rays in case of emergencies.

Although your dentist might avoid any harsh dental treatment during pregnancy, still you might sometimes address emergencies when you might need to carry out dental x-rays. But you do not need to worry about the x-ray process. Your dentist will take extreme caution to safeguard you and your baby from the rays.


4. Do not skip your routine dental check-ups.

The most important thing you need to do to maintain good dental health during pregnancy is to continue with your routine dental check-up. In fact, you should visit your dentist more than you normally do. This will help you in keeping a track of your dental hygiene and also prevent the risk of periodontal diseases which might occur due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Also, there is a condition called pregnancy gingivitis which can be avoided with your dentist’s regular consultation. Moreover, you need to pay keen attention to any changes in your gums during pregnancy. In case any tenderness, bleeding or gum swelling occurs, make sure that you talk with your dentist or periodontist as soon as possible.


5. Follow good oral hygiene practices.

Last but not the least, you must follow the daily practices like brushing, flossing and cleaning your teeth to avoid plaque build-up and to reduce the oral health problems.


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