You may have been wondering whether amalgam is a safe choice for the tooth fillings or not. If not, then whether should we replace them with composite. If you too feel the confusion, read on to get your answers.

According to us, amalgam fillings are safe. If you want an effective as well as long-lasting treatment for the tooth decay problem, then this is the key. After thorough research, we have come to the conclusion that the amalgam fillings are a good solution when you have tooth decay. These filings are made up of silver, mercury, copper and tin. Many times, other metals are used as well. Amalgam has been preferred for many years in order to replace the decayed areas. It’s considered to be an excellent material. It’s a stable and strong substance that can hold up pretty well when it’s placed in a moist environment. It’s a great choice because it can easily cope up with the drastic change in temperature. Amalgam is a way better material than the one used in the composite fillings. They are the best for larger fillings. Plastic is the material used in composite resin fillings. It’s mixed along with powdered glass to make it stronger.

However, many people just prefer composite fillings due to its white colour. Composite fillings, due to its white colour can easily blend in with your other teeth and provide more of a natural look than the silver amalgam fillings. However, they don’t last much long. Plus, they are even more expensive. Mercury is a really important component in the fillings as it’s known to bind the other metals together. And that’s why there are many concerns raised about it over the years. There are different kinds of mercury. The one found in the water can greatly affect your health. However, the mercury that’s used in amalgam is totally contained within the filling. According to a research, the people that use these fillings haven’t quite faced a problem with it. The level of mercury is pretty low than the level that could potentially harm anybody. And there’s no single piece of evidence that shows that mercury can cause any kind of harm this way. And there’s no need to replace your amalgam fillings unless you are allergic to any material in the amalgam fillings.

However, it’s been reported that amalgam fillings might lose their shape over the course of many years. They may just not be able to keep their original shape. If you notice the fillings to be deformed, then you need to get them replaced right now. You also need to replace them if there are any signs of them breaking down.



If you are worried about your safety because of amalgam fillings, then there’s no need to worry about it. There’s no risk involved here. Amalgam fillings won’t cause you any kind of harm and not put your health at risk. It’s considered to be a good material that’s long-lasting for fillings.

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