The advantage of dental implants is to effectively avoid gum recession and bone loss that is common with dentures. Dental implants are essential and more natural-looking substitutes for the missing teeth. The dental implants are inserted into the jawbone to make it appear like a natural tooth root. And with the support of modern technology, the adjacent teeth quality is not affected by dental implants.


It is prudent to mention that it is vital to clean and take care of your dental implants just like cleaning your natural teeth. The natural teeth and dental implants are the same because they both are dependent on healthy tissues for support and both can develop plague when not taken care of.


Take care of your dental implants by following some simple and effective steps:


It is essential to get your teeth cleaned on a daily basis so that your dentist can get the biofilm off your teeth and keep it infection-free. Make sure that you brush your teeth and floss twice a day routinely.


Dental implants are the closest thing you can fetch to real and natural teeth. They do not need any special products or treatments. Just a simple and effective brush and floss will do the work. They are long-lasting and when properly cared for, they can last a lifetime, preventing any further dental work down the road.


Always understand that effective oral hygiene is always the key for anyone with dental implants. Always keep the following tips in mind when it comes to your oral health:


  • Flossing around the implants is extremely necessary. This is because plaque can easily collect around dental implants, which can cause other oral hygiene difficulties.
  • After every meal, just like natural teeth, brushing the dental implants are mandatory.
  • Always remember to go for routine check-ups at least twice a year.
  • You can always fetch some special brushes that can be used to clean behind and below the dental implants.
  • Avoid chewing hard and sticky foods like caramel, ice, dried fruits, carrots, apples, crusty bread and potato chips for a certain period of time.


Avoid smoking and alcohol


This is a good idea for your overall health. The dental implants take nearly 6 months to heal, thus it is essential to mention that smoking during this period can be detrimental to the entire process.


Avoid abrasive oral hygiene products


Always go for sensitive cleaning products, whether it’s your toothpaste or mouthwash, once you get your dental implants. This is because products that are too rough can lead to extreme discomfort. Make sure to avoid oral hygiene products with hard flavors like cinnamon and mint, as these can lead to an uncomfortable feeling in the mouth.


Dental implants can help in improving one’s smile. However, they are not a cure for all the other dental hygiene issues. Contingent on your overall oral health, you must plan your visit to the dentist at least twice per year. This is where we at Stephens General Dentistry come into play. If you have any questions about dental implant care, get in touch with us today.