We are parents ourselves and that’s why we understand how important good dental habits are for everyone. And we must do our best that our children would follow the habits as well. The start of healthy adult teeth is with healthy childhood teeth. We need to make sure that the teeth of our kids remain free from the cavities and a few poor dental habits can totally ruin our goals.

So to avoid such a situation, here we have listed a few effective tips to help you keep your child’s teeth healthy. Let’s try to understand them one at a time.


Teach Them

Kids under the age of 3 should be taught with healthy dental habits. You can teach them about how they should use a small amount of toothpaste to brush their teeth. You should also teach them how to spit. They usually tend to swallow the entire toothpaste while brushing their teeth. Hence, teaching them how to spit is important.


Act as A Role Model for Them

Kids love to imitate you and that’s what you must take advantage of. Be a good role model for them by demonstrating good oral habits. You should brush as well as floss with them. Instead of teaching them only once, you must perform such good oral habits with them daily.



Kids are usually scared of the dentists. And that’s why you should teach them what they must expect. You need to calm them down. Tell them that there’s nothing to fear. Clarify all their problems/bad habits with the dentist such as thumb sucking, mouth guards, losing teeth, crowding or whatever it may be of concern.


Dental Appointments

You should take your kid for regular dental checkups. Take them to the dentist twice a year. Your child should have their first dental appointment within the first six months of their new tooth occurring. After that, you can make it a habit and keep the schedule fixed to twice a year.


Brush Regularly

You need to teach them the importance of brushing regularly. Remind them to brush at least twice a day. Brushing for more than 2 minutes is highly recommended. You can set a timer and use a tartar dye. There are various applications available on the Internet that can make brushing and caring for their teeth real fun for them.


Give Them Rewards

Children love being gifted with rewards. That’s why you should provide them with some. Make sure that you allow them to choose their own toothbrush and prepare a goal chart that can help you track the progress. After the completion of a certain goal, you can reward them with a movie show or a trip to their favorite toy store.



In short, we understand the importance of good oral habits for a healthy lifestyle. And we encourage you to follow the above points to bless your child with healthy teeth. In order to take a better insight, we recommend you to schedule a free consultation with us today to see if we can create a healthy oral care routine for your kid. So call us today!