While sitting back and reading your chemistry book, you might have come across the word acid. And when this word comes to your mind, you might be thinking of the various acids such as Hydrochloric, Sulphuric that you probably have used in your chemistry lab. You might have seen them in small glass bottles that were labeled as CAUTION.

When going through your chemistry books, you might have come across the chapter where acids were related to indigestion and heartburn. Acids are known to play a vital role in our oral health.

Usually, our diet doesn’t involve tons of acids. However, there are various foods and drinks that are widely acidic and can have serious consequences for your oral health. Plus, they can also be the cause of dental erosion.


How can Acid Affect Your Mouth?

Acid is considered to be a huge problem for our teeth as it can gradually weaken our teeth’s enamel. Each and every time we eat something that’s acidic, it usually makes the enamel softer. When you eat something acidic the enamel is known to lose some mineral content as well.

However, our saliva can easily reverse the damage and can bring our mouth to its natural balance. But, if this happens often, our mouth won’t have a chance to recover. This will ultimately lead to the loss of enamel.

If you are not quite sure what enamel is, then it’s a hard and protective tooth coating that’s known to protect the sensitive dentine. When the enamel gets worn out, then it will lead to the dentine underneath being exposed. And this could lead to serious pain and sensitivity.

Did you know that the most common acids in our drinks and foods are citric acids, carbonic acids, as well as phosphoric acids? These acids will gradually weaken the tooth enamel, which will ultimately lead to dental erosion. When it comes to acidic drinks and foods, the two main culprits are Fruit and Fizz.



Acidic drinks! Sodas, fizzy as well as carbonated drinks. These drinks can hugely affect and contribute to enamel loss.

Some alcoholic drinks include white wine, cider, beer, prosecco as well as alcopops that can damage our enamel. The best way to limit the damage caused by these drinks is by staying away from them. Stop having them altogether.

Or you can simply use a straw. This will lead to the drinks going to the back of your mouth, and that will lead to avoidance of long contact with the teeth.



Many fruits are known to contain citric acid that can easily lead to dental erosion.

The worst of them are citrus foods which are known to have low pH levels and are highly acidic.

Some examples of them are limes, lemons, grapes, plums as well as blueberries and plums. Some of the others are peaches, oranges, pineapples as well as tomatoes. Avoid making a habit of these.



Dental erosion’s first sign is sensitive teeth. And one of the best ways to take care of it is to visit a dentist. If you’re looking for a friendly dentist in Muskogee then give Stephens General Dentistry a call today!