Are you seriously considering dental implants? Then we think you are in the right place. We want you to understand a few essential things before getting the dental implants done.

Thousands of patients all over the world undergo this procedure to get their teeth back and they should go through this guide before undergoing the procedure.


The Great Things About Dental Implants  

If you are missing a tooth or suffering from a non-restorable tooth, then a dental implant can be considered to be the best treatment to eliminate the problem. This treatment is affordable and is quite reliable. People used to consider dentures and bridges in the past for missing teeth. However, this is no longer the case in today’s world. Dental implants have established themselves to be a routine procedure in the world of dentistry today. Plus, when it comes to getting new teeth, dental implants are considered to be the only real ones close to having natural teeth. And do you want to know what makes them stand out? Their convenience and ability to fit any patient.


Is a missing tooth a thing to be concerned about?

The plain and simple answer is yes. If you have a tooth missing in your mouth, then you really need to be concerned about it. Your smile is incomplete without all the teeth in your mouth. A missing tooth can invite a whole lot of negative consequences. It can limit your ability to chew. It may totally change the way you talk. Plus, over the period of time, it may cause other teeth to shift in the surrounding of the missing teeth’s place. It can majorly affect your health. Plus, it’s guaranteed to worse over time. Hence, you really need to take care of the problem immediately.


Will the procedure be painful?

You might notice other people feeling amazed when they come out of the dentist’s office after undergoing the procedure. You would observe them coming up with responses such as, “was that it?” A dental implant procedure usually involves a titanium implant placed in your jaw bone such that it will bond with the bone material. The words would make you feel nervous. However, it is a really simple procedure. Your dentist would inject you with local anesthesia that would make the procedure absolutely painless for you.


How long will the entire procedure take?

It varies from patient to patient. A dental implant usually involves this carefully phased process over the period of 6-12 months:

  • Extracting the compromised tooth
  • Healing time after extraction
  • Implant being placed
  • Time for the implant to integrate
  • Placement of an abutment on the implant
  • A custom-made crown is put in place
  • Routine follow-up



We can totally understand if you are scared before going in for the procedure. However, it simply is nothing to worry about and you would be coming out amazed about how the procedure turned out to be. It would just be a pleasant experience for you.

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