The dental profession has a special position and trust within the community and the best dentist-patient relationships are built on that trust and reliability.

Here are some things which are necessary for such a mutual bond.

What should I look for while choosing a dentist?

Dental care is a highly personalized service which needs a good relationship between the dentist and the patient. During your first visit, you need to determine if this dentist is right for you. Take the following into consideration.

Consider the following things:

  • The appointment schedule should be as per your convenience.
  • The clinic should be nearby or in your vicinity.
  • The clinic should be clean, hygienic and organized.
  • They must take a record of your health history.
  • The dentist must explain techniques that will help you prevent dental health problems.
  • Dental health instructions should be provided.
  • There should be special arrangements made for handling emergencies outside of office hours.
  • Clear and sorted information should be provided about fees and payment plans prior to the treatment.
  • The dentist should abide by the high ethical standards. Remember that you and your dentist are partners in maintaining your oral health, so feel free to ask questions and note their advice.

Even though you ensure these points, still the best dentist-patient relationship can go through problem. If it does, you need to first discuss the concerns with your dentist. Many times this helps to clear up the matter. If you wish further assistance, you can also contact your state dental association. Dental societies have a dedicated dispute resolution system called peer review in order to help resolve the occasional disagreement about dental treatment. Peer review offers an impartial and easily accessible means to resolve misunderstandings regarding appropriateness or quality of care and, in some cases, conflicts can also arise regarding the fees charged for dental treatment. So, a peer review committee will attempt to mediate the problem. They may meet to discuss the case and also examine clinical records, talk to the dentist and patient and, then arrange a clinical examination.

At Stephen’s General Dentistry, we form a strong one-to-one bond with every patient visiting our clinic and make sure that your dental appointment is something you look forward to.

So, if you are facing any dental problems, get immediate treatment from an expert and reliable dentist in Muskogee. Call us today to schedule your appointment!