Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars which pop out in the very back of your mouth. They start popping out at the age of 17 and 25 and move up through your jawbone. However, in this process, your gums may become inflamed and the affected area may even bleed.

Here are some of the remedies and treatments to help you find relief from wisdom tooth pain.


1. Try a salt water rinse.

One of the most common remedies for a wisdom toothache is a salt water rinse. It promotes healthy gums and kills destructive bacteria. Wisdom teeth can also hurt other teeth or create cysts. So, keep your mouth clear of harmful bacteria by rinses.


2. Apply or rub peppermint.

Peppermint leaves contain essential oils which can relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Soak a cotton ball in peppermint extract and apply it to painful gums, or rub the oil on your teeth. Peppermint tea can also cool down the inflammation.


3.  Rub some liquor on the painful area.

Did you know that Bourbon, Brandy, and Whiskey are pain relievers because of the numbing qualities? Rub a bit of whiskey or another liquor onto your wisdom tooth to dull pain receptors and ease your discomfort.


4. Apply aloe vera gel.

Aloe Vera is nontoxic and can be used to reduce inflammation. It also helps in healing your gums and drive away the pain. You can apply pure Aloe Vera gel at the back of your mouth, and let it cool the area.


5. Apply crushed garlic and ginger.

Crushed garlic is one of the most effective killers of pathogens in the gum line. Researchers found that combining garlic with crushed ginger can be even more useful to relieve the wisdom tooth pain.


6. Pop up an aspirin.

Aspirin is the pill which you generally take during severe headaches. However, it can also help in relieving your wisdom tooth pain. A recent study shows that aspirin is an effective pain-dulling agent to reduce discomfort in your mouth. However, remember that you should not pop aspirin repeatedly for any sort of pain relief without consultation from a dentist or doctor.


7. Apply menthol.

Menthol is a natural analgesic medicine which brings in a cooling sensation. If you use menthol as a remedy for your wisdom tooth pain, then dilute it with water and then floss it mostly in the painful area. This will provide much relief.


8. Try the cold and heat therapy.

Applying an ice pack or heating pad to your cheeks may be very helpful in reducing the pain, inflammation, and swelling.  Apply heat or cold to the affected area for 15 minutes and wait 15 minutes before reapplying. You can always finish this with a cold treatment.


However, remember that these treatments are only helpful in the initial stage. If you have sharp and persisting pain, frequent headaches, bloody saliva, or feel a boil underneath your gums, then you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist right away.

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