Brushing teeth is one habit which is significant when it comes to maintaining good hygiene. There are numerous reasons why one requires to brush every day and what harmful effects one has to endure if they miss out on brushing properly. Parents are responsible to maintain the oral hygiene of their kids in the initial stage. Teenage is one age where special emphasis should be paid to creating healthy dental habits. Teenage is the phase when children start to become more aware and get distracted by diverse new ideas and follow them as they leave from the parent’s circle of influence.

Here are a few tips and tricks which should be followed to develop your teen’s dental habits.


Consume sufficient amount of water

Drinking sufficient amount of water is significant to flush out the toxins and decays present in the teeth. It also benefits in removing the stuck food particles from the teeth. The best idea would be to drink detox water by putting freshly cut fruits in the water.


Develop healthy habits

Having quick meals like nutrition bars or other means of fast food is always a bad idea and can definitely leave a bad impact on the oral health of your teen. As a parent, you should take an initiative to encourage your kid to consume more veggies and fruits and non-sugary drinks like tea and coconut water to maintain good oral health.


Go for dental flossing and mouthwash

It is important to understand that brushing is never enough to get those harmful particles out from the teeth. Flossing is effective to get rid of those particles and the use of anti-bacterial mouthwashes also makes sure to leave a fresh and clean feeling inside the mouth.


Avoid piercings when it comes to oral hygiene

It is easy to face chipping of your teeth because of the tongue or other mouth piercings during chewing, eating or talking. The use of piercings also often leads to the occurrence of allergic reactions which can be very painful.


Never go to bed without brushing

Brushing twice a day is one rule which every teen should absolutely follow as a habit. Brushing before going to bed is vital to get rid of the plaque and germs that get accumulated throughout the day. It is best to devote a good amount of time by moving the brush in gentle and circular motions to get rid of the germs.


Stop having sugary and acidic foods

All these sugar drinks turn acidic in the mouth which can erode the tooth enamel and can also lead to the occurrence of cavities. It is best to cut down on the acidic fruits, teas and coffees. But if it is bad habit which you can’t let go of, then it is prudent to make use of a straw and rinse mouth quickly with water.


Consume more calcium and Vitamin D

These nutrients are the tooth building ingredients and their intake is significant. Teens should be encouraged to take morning walks and consume foods like leafy veggies, milk, nuts and fish which are rich in these nutrients.


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