If you desire to always keep your smile healthy and bright, and improve your overall health, you must visit your dentist at least once a year. Maintaining effective oral hygiene at home is vital, but it is always important to understand that professional dental cleaning removes tartar and plaque build-up which usually brushing and flossing misses.

Routine dental cleaning can help diminish the risks of developing serious conditions like diabetes, bone loss, cancer, heart disease, infection, and many more. Here are 7 important advantages of dental cleaning.


1. Prevent tooth loss

Getting dental cleaning can lead to the prevention of gum diseases, ultimately leading to protection from tooth loss. As gum diseases become stronger, plaque moves further into the teeth and gum line, destroying the bone in the jaw, causing the teeth to loosen and ultimately fall out. The chances of this happening can be decreased only via routine dental cleaning and by following effective oral habits.


2. Prevent cavities

The major cause of tooth decay is the built-up plaque on the teeth. This acidic substance destroys the tooth enamel, and when left unattended, can ultimately lead to cavities. This damaging plaque can be effectively removed by means of brushing, regular flossing, and regular dental cleaning.


3. Boost your overall health

Daily dental cleaning lowers the risk of detrimental conditions like diabetes and heart diseases. A dentist is an expert who can easily detect such medical conditions in the early stages during a routine oral exam. Getting your teeth cleaned routinely is an easy, effortless and relatively inexpensive means to be in good health.


4. Prevent bad breath

It is a fact that proper and effective hygiene is the best means to keep bad breath far away. Even when you brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis, getting a dental cleaning is a proper way to keep your mouth odor-free and healthy for the long run.


5. Improve teeth appearance

Getting the teeth cleaned regularly always boosts the appearance of your smile. By maintaining your gums and teeth in good and proper conditions, you can make sure that they always look beautiful.


6. Prevent health difficulties

There is a strong link between gum diseases and cardiovascular diseases. One can reduce the chances of a deadly heart attack and stroke by getting the teeth cleaned twice a year, ultimately prevent gum diseases.


7. Brighten your smile

Some drinks and foods can leave stains on your teeth. The dentist is an expert at removing the stains that discolor and dull your teeth. A regular dental cleaning can remove built-up stains and leave your teeth freshly polished. This ultimately helps in achieving a brighter and whiter smile.


Professional dental cleaning via regular check-ups help prevent and resolve persistent bad breath. Connect with Stephens General Dentistry to browse through our dental plans for cleaning. We make sure that you save money on dental expenses in the long run by taking advantage of the dental policies available with us.

In terms of overall cost and oral health, the results will definitely be worth the money and time.