Are you planning for a long holiday with family and friends? Then you surely will want to spend it without cavities and other dental problems. Here’s your guide to cavity free holidays!


1. Maintain the timing.

When everything is consumed at the appropriate time, it’s easier for your body to cope up with it. Constantly snacking isn’t obviously good for your mouth. When there’s enough gap between two meals, the saliva production increases which helps to cancel out the acids produced by bacteria in your mouth. This also helps to wash away the leftover food particles from your mouth.


2. Be picky about sticky food.

When it comes to eating healthy snacks, many people put dried fruits in the first place. But many dried fruits can also be quite sticky and they tend to stay on the teeth for longer than other types of food. In case you are consuming a lot of dried fruits like cranberries, then make sure to rinse them with water and brush carefully after eating them.


3. Limit the alcohol intake.

To make sure that you develop no cavities, you need to completely abandon alcohol or at least reduce the intake of alcohol significantly. This will go a long way not just for your dental health but also for your overall health throughout the year.


4. Take it easy on the hard candies.

Some candies are more problematic than others. Hard candies can put your teeth at risk because in addition to being full of sugar, they’ve also been known to cause broken or chipped teeth. (Be careful not to break or chip your teeth when eating nuts as well!)


5. Avoid starchy foods.

Starchy foods are sneaky because they many times get trapped in your teeth. If you go to indulge in chips and cakes, then take extra care while flossing to remove all the food particles which can lead to plaque build-up and cavities.


6. You can still have fun!

So, what all can you eat? There are a lot of things like protein choices. For example, lean beef, skinless poultr, and fish which can make your diet healthy yet tasty. You can also eat whole grains and choose the low-fat or fat-free dairy foods. Also, foods like yoghurt, fruits, and vegetables are a great choice for cavity free holidays.


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