Often crooked teeth cause one to hide one’s smile and even avoid certain situations and social events. People who have crooked teeth consider almost all the time to uses the braces but this involves some fears too. We at Stephens General Dentistry understand your concerns and have immensely good news for you!


Today you have more ways to straighten your teeth than the traditional methods. In modern times orthodontic treatments are much less invasive and you also have the option of removable appliances and treatments that last a shorter duration. Hereunder are five teeth straightening options that you have at your disposal:


1. Traditional Braces 

These appliances consist of fixed braces consisting of wires and elastic bands that help the teeth to be aligned in a new desired position. In today’s time’s dentistry has evolved to provide much smaller braces that are smaller and lighter than the previous versions. More good news: you can also choose a color that suits you! 


2. Lingual Braces 

These are often referred to as invisible braces and are placed on the inside of the teeth. They are hidden and are along the inner lining of the mouth. These are the perfect option for people who desire to straighten or realign their teeth without showing their braces. They can also be customized and a little expensive than traditional options.  


3. Transparent Aligners

Invisalign is a classic example of clear teeth aligners. With a variety of custom made, removable aligners you can now use them like a retainer.  These appliances are replaced approximately every two weeks until the teeth have moved to their desired position. They are often preferred as they are easily removable and not noticeable. 


4. Damon Braces 

These braces include self-litigating braces that consist of a slide mechanism instead of elastic bands. They are less noticeable as compared to the traditional braces. A plus point of Damon Braces is the fact that the treatment with them also lasts for a shorter duration. The downside however for some people may be that it is a little more expensive option. 


5. Short Term Treatments 

An example of short-term treatments is Six Month Smiles. These are the best option for individuals who want to straighten their teeth by way of cosmetic surgeries and do not need bite corrections. These aren’t very costly and take a much smaller duration of time compared to the traditional options. Thus, making them a very desirable option for many individuals who want results quickly. 


Stephen General Dentistry does whatever it might take to give you the kind of teeth you desire. We carry out everything ranging from cleanings to extractions to cosmetic dentistry. In addition, we also have a full service-in-house dental lab as well. This means that we are one of the most reliable options for dental services. We monitor our dental professionals closely and you can be rest assured that we will take care of you. We are gentle, affordable and very convenient.