We at Stephens General Dentistry realize that almost no one is excited to go to the dentist as they cannot tolerate the procedures and routine cleanings. Although if you are worried about these regular dental procedures, it is prudent to know that there are other options available out there to make your dental appointments less stressful and pain-free.


We introduce you to the Oral Sedation Dentistry which is a little blue pill to keep you relaxed and calm during your procedures. However how do you decide whether you will be a good candidate? Hereunder are some tell-tale signs:


1. You are extremely anxious about going to the dentist

Oral dentistry is the best option for people who are terrified of going to the dentist. You must first understand that you are not alone in this. There are many people who are terribly scared of dental surgeries. Dental operations can be terribly overwhelming for someone and that’s why you may be the perfect candidate for oral sedation. 


2. Dental work is painful for you 

Many people have sensitive gums and teeth. These may be coupled with other dental problems that might make it almost very painful for them. This may also induce anxiety. Therefore, if you wish to avoid going to the dentist and fear the associated pain you can make sure of oral sedation methodologies which will make the trip less painful. If this is the case for you speak to the dentist for oral sedation today. 


3. You get bothered in a dentist office

Some people often get bothered by smells and sounds at a dentist’s office. These circumstances make them anxious and disturbed. They have strong gag reflexes often and these sensory options may be the reason for your anxiety at a dentist’s office and this makes you a good option for oral sedation options.


4. You wish to be sedated but not knocked out

Some people do not appreciate full anesthesia. They might wish to have minimal sedation and this is an option with oral sedation. So, people who fear needles and IV sedation can opt for this method instead.


5. You plan to have a long procedure

Many long procedures demand a bit of pain and discomfort, fear of such long arduous procedures can be helped with sedation. Oral sedation allows you to keep calm during the duration of the procedure. This is a viable option for treatments extending a long duration.   


We at Stephen General Dentistry have a well-experienced team of professionals who will take care that they give you a gentle treatment, affordable and convenient. We will give you whatever teeth alignment you desire. We carry out everything ranging from cleanings to extractions to cosmetic dentistry.


We have a full service-in-house dental lab as well. This means that we are one of the most reliable options for dental services. We offer reliable and faster dental services! You can be rest assured that we have the highest quality outcome.