Does the idea of going to the dentist frighten you? Well, don’t worry, you aren’t alone because most of us also feel terrified when it comes to the thought of tooth drilling, the feeling of powerlessness in that chair and the dread of the procedure being painful. But to keep patients calm during the procedure, the dentists have been using the sedation procedure which can definitely put the patient out if the requirement is severe enough.

In Sedation Dentistry, the dentists make use of some special medications to aid the patients relax during dental procedures and can include gasses like laughing gas or nitrous oxide or general anaesthesia.

Here are the five reasons which emphasize why it is best to consider sedation dentistry.


Quick recovery

The medication takes effect quickly but also wears off rapidly leading to quicker recovery. But it is prudent to know that the patient is sure to feel a little sleepy for a few hours, thus it is best to come with a companion. The side effects are less and the sedative agents leave the body system within 24 hours so there is nothing to worry about. A relaxed patient is sure to save time and also achieve better and effective results.


There is always the option to be conscious

If you are fearful of sedation dentistry because you think you’ll be out of control then you’re absolutely overthinking. Sedation dentistry just relaxes your nerves and does not make you unresponsive or unconscious. That option is considered only in serious cases. The idea behind sedation dentistry is only to make the patient calm for an optimistic experience.


Soothe strong gag reflex

There are numerous patients who have a high gag reflex, which can make the dental process uneasy. The use of mild sedation dentistry benefits the patient to minimize the gag reflex and also allows the dentist to perform the dental procedure at ease.


Less time consuming and cost-effective

Complicated dental procedures without the use of sedation often require regular visits to the dentist. Sedation dentistry benefits by saving time and decreasing the chances of visiting the doctor often. It is a cost-effective solution as sedation dentistry enables the dentist to finish the procedure effectively and quickly, leading to reduced treatment charges.


No anxiety or discomfort

Patients often visit the dentist with fear in their minds. The option of sedation dentistry makes sure that the patient does not feel any kind of discomfort. The dentists make use of local anesthetic before performing the procedure to ensure a completely pain-free experience. The anxiety always lasts until the patient leaves the office that’s why it is always best to go with sedation dentistry which ensures to make the entire procedure less stressful.


If you have been avoiding your dentist because of the above-mentioned concerns or if you are just curious about the benefits of sedation dentistry, then it is time you connect with Stephens General Dentistry and we’d be more than happy to arrange an appointment for you!