Did you ever receive any advice from your dentist about what kind of food you should not ear to have healthy teeth? Certain food items are harmful to the health of your gums and teeth.

You must have heard that various food items such as sticky foods, sugar as well as processed food are bad for your health. But have you ever taken into consideration what kind of food items could benefit the health of your gums and teeth?

Let’s learn what kind of food items you must eat in order to keep your teeth healthy.

Plain Yogurt

Yogurt contributes to keeping your gums healthy. Plus, plain yogurt strengths your teeth as well. It would help you in balancing the acids in your mouth. Basically, yogurt is a must-consume food item. Cavity growing bacteria can easily hit your mouth. Yogurt balances the acidic level of your mouth as the acidic level of your mouth attracts more cavity growing bacteria. You must consume plain and Greek yogurts as they are considered to contain a huge amount of probiotics.

Plus, yogurt can keep your teeth strong due to the high nutritional value of calcium in it.


It has been reported that the more cheese you consume, the safer you are against the cavities. Dairy products help your teeth in their fight against cavities. Cheese consists of various kinds of compounds that help to eliminate the acid in your mouth.

It is best that you consume cheese at the end of your meal or during your snack time as it would neutralize the acid levels formed due to eating carbohydrates.


Wouldn’t you just think to eliminate pineapple from your list due to its acidic properties? Well, let me tell you this. Pineapple alkalize your mouth. Did you know that Pineapple consists of an enzyme named Bromelain? Bromelain provides a huge number of health benefits along with itself and has contributed in treating a lot of diseases. When consumed, this fruit would totally eliminate the inflammation in your mouth and help you with healing as well. Plus, pineapple has also been reported to improve tooth sensitivity…


Apples! They are considered to be a miracle for your teeth. They not only help you protect your teeth against the cavities but also act as a breath freshener. Natural fibers present in the flesh of Apple could help to scrub your teeth as well as gums. It would help you eliminate most of the plaque that’s the main reason behind the bad breath coming out of your mouth.

Have you ever witnessed a stain appearing on your teeth after you drank a cup of coffee? Well, Apples will help you get rid of them…


Broccoli keeps the teeth whiter, and the iron found in it helps in the production of an acid-resistant barrier that would help you protect your tooth’s enamel. It also helps in healing the body as well.

Eating these foods would help your teeth from being a victim to cavities and would help you ensure your healthy future. We, here at Stephen’s General Dentistry, love to provide our patients with helpful guidance and insist them to eat such kinds of food items which would keep their teeth and gums healthy!