You might be practising good dental care habits. You might be brushing your teeth daily, flossing it regularly as well as going for routine check-ups to your dentist. That’s really good! However, there are some bad dental habits that you might not even know of. And these might lead the good dental habits to go to waste and compromise your dental health.

Would you want that to happen to your dear teeth? No, right? And that’s why we have prepared a list of five bad dental habits that you should avoid in order to have the perfect teeth.


Do You Use Teeth As Tools?

Many of us use our teeth for more than just chewing food. We use them as tools. Sometimes, we tear a bag of chips. Sometimes, we uncap a bottle of nail polish. And that’s not acceptable. Such kinds of activities can be hard on your teeth. This might lead to traumatizing your teeth. Instead of using teeth for these purposes, you should make use of tools like pliers or scissors to get the job done.


Crunching, Sucking & Sipping

You have an ice-cold soda. You slurp it down. Now, you crunch the ice that’s leftover. You might think that what harm would it do. And that’s where you are wrong. The cold temperature and the brittleness of the ice cubes can lead to your teeth being fractured. This can lead to microscopic cracks on the enamel’s surface. This will lead to bigger dental problems over the course of time. You should avoid such kinds of practices when you are eating or drinking. Prefer crushed ice in the drinks. Eat something that’s healthier to chew like baby carrots. Make use of a straw to sip soda as it will limit the exposure to your teeth. Make sure that the straw is placed at your mouth’s back.


Say No To Hard-Bristled Toothbrush

Many people think that a toothbrush should be firmer. However, this isn’t the case for older people. As you age, the gums are known to push back, and this leads to your teeth roots being exposed. This leads to an increase in sensitivity. Cementum covers the root of the teeth. And it can wear out more easily than enamel. If you have a brush with hard bristles, it will lead to irritation in gums and be a cause of sensitive teeth.


Grinding Your Teeth

If you are grinding your teeth during the day or night, then you are simply causing harm to your teeth. It wears the teeth down. There might be various reasons for you grinding your teeth, such as anxiety or stress. However, the more likely reason is missing crooked teeth or an abnormal bite. If you visit a dentist, he may suggest you wear a mouth guard at night. If you ask your dentist to make one for you, then it may be costlier than the ones you can get at the store. However, the ones made by your dentist will be a perfect fit for your teeth as they have been custom-prepared for you.

To avoid grinding, exercise when you feel stress. If you include excessive caffeine in your routine, then you should cut it out. Reduce the consumption of alcohol. Avoid chewing pencils or pens.


These are the common bad dental habits that you might not be even aware of. And that’s why if you see that you have any habits from the above, make it right! After all, prevention is better than cure, right?

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