Dental care is a crucial part of your overall wellness. Proper dental care will make sure that your teeth are protected from damage and cavities. Good dental care will not only make your teeth look good, but also keep your overall health maintained. In case your dentist has identified possible damage in your teeth, you need to have it solved as soon as possible.

What if you have a tooth with a deep cavity and it has turned out to be not treatable anymore? Then, you need to undergo the procedure of root canal. After a root canal treatment, how long will it take for you to completely recover and feel the same again? That’s the main question. And we are here to provide you with tips that will help you recover from a root canal treatment faster.

Here are the three most important root canal recovery tips that you need to know.


Stop Yourself From Exercising For A Certain Period Of Time

If you love to take your body to the limits, then it’s bad news for you. You need to stop yourself from exercising for a few days. We understand how important exercise is in your life. But if you have just undergone a root canal procedure, then you need to take care.

You must take time off for a few days. In order to know the estimated rest period, you should consult with your dentist regarding it. If you start exercising immediately after the procedure, it can cause you to bleed and will also make you feel achy. Your recovery period needs to go as smooth as possible. When you think you are finally recovering and are observing any positive changes, you must take it one step at a time. Start exercising the basics. Don’t just get on with your previous schedule. Go step-by-step.


Manage The Way You Treat Your Mouth

After the root canal procedure, you must observe the way your mouth feels. There might obviously be some pain as well as swelling. However, you can simply reduce it with proper planning. You should wait until and unless you no longer feel numb before you eat anything. In case you eat while you are feeling numb, you will risk biting your tongue off and would end up hurting yourself. Swelling is considered to be a common factor after a root canal. And you must use an ice-pack in order to reduce it. Keep your head elevated while you sleep. This would reduce the irritation. You need to plan all of your meals carefully. Avoid junk food.


Pay Attention To The Way You Feel

You should carefully observe how you feel after a root canal procedure. If you notice anything like:

  • Hives and rashes
  • Pain Medication not being effective
  • Swelling for more than a day

Then you need to consult your dentist immediately.



A root canal procedure is a very delicate procedure and you must take care of yourself after the procedure with the highest grade facilities you equip. And in doing so, we can help you.

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