Obviously, throbbing tooth pain is one of the factors that indicate that you might have been suffering from tooth damage. Indeed, you should be aware that tooth decay or a tooth cavity could be responsible for the feelings of throbbing pains around your oral area. On the other hand, you could also experience throbbing pain if there is a presence of an infection in the gums and the other regions surrounding the tooth.

Typically, toothaches are caused as a result of an infection or inflammation in the tooth region. So, in this piece, we’ll be revealing a few of the causes of throbbing tooth pain and what you should do once you start experiencing throbbing pains.


Tooth Abscess

Whenever you experience that a part of the entire part of your pulp begins to die, it is caused as a result of an abscessed tooth. These dead tissues begin to abhor bacteria or pus, which is known as an abscess. An abscess can be caused as a result of inflammation or tooth infection. If left unattended to, it could end up, resulting in a damaged tooth.


Tooth Decay

One of the common reason behind you developing a tooth pain is tooth decay or cavity. This usually occurs whenever a bacteria begins to bore holes through the hard enamel outer layer of a tooth. Usually, bacteria are an essential part of the mouth and body health. However, excessive intake of sugar and other foods could result in a significant increase in these bacteria. Bacteria make a plague that usually sticks to your teeth. Some kinds of bacteria give off acids that could result in holes or cavities. Tooth decays might appear like a small brown, white, or black colored spots on your teeth.


Tooth Fracture

Usually, a tooth fracture is a crack or split that develops in the tooth. This could occur by biting on hard substances such as ice. You may also get tooth fracture in a fall or if you have been hit in the face or jaw with hard substances. Tooth fracture is also responsible for the cause of throbbing pain in the tooth. This fracture provides the opportunity for harmful materials to get into the tooth and thus causing irritation or infecting the nerves and pulps, which in turn produces pains.


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