We’ve all heard the saying “prevention is better than the cure,” But if all the flossing and brushing has still landed you in a situation where you are forced to take a decision about tooth extraction, then knowing your options is crucial.

Finding a dental professional who likes to save teeth is essential and there are options to tooth extraction. A root canal and subsequent replacement of a dental crown are many times an alternative treatment depending on the amount of tooth damage. In addition to this, there are also surgical options like “apicoectomy,” or root-end resection to prevent tooth extraction.


1. Root Canal Therapy

The space which is at the center of your teeth, which runs to the length of your tooth to the tip is known as the canal. The real root canal process involves drilling an opening in your tooth and then the canal contents are removed with small files. Thereafter the canal is widened and sealed permanently until the end of the root.

Do not be too worried in case another x-ray is taken at this step. It can happen that your dentist may need to take another look at the tooth during the root canal process. After completion, you will have a temporary or permanent filling along with a crown being placed a few days after.


2. Apicoectomy

Apicoectomy is generally carried out only after an unsuccessful root canal, or where root canal therapy is impossible. This treatment involves removing the tooth’s root tip, which is the epicenter of all the problems. Having a root canal blocked due to a fractured file that cannot be removed, having small branches which cannot be sealed, or curved roots which prohibit access to your root tip- these are the conditions when your dentist may suggest an apicoectomy surgery as a  suitable alternative to extraction.


3. Filling

If you are suffering from tooth decay or cavity which is not that severe, then fillings are an option for you. You can approach your dentist in time and they will suggest timely treatment to avoid further pain and discomfort. But in this case, you need to maintain extremely good oral hygiene which will help you prevent the possibility of entire tooth decay.


Now that you know your options, you’ll obviously need to consult your dentist regarding these and see what can be worked out in your case.

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