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  • <strong>Our</strong> <span>family welcomes  </span> you

    Our family welcomes you

  • <strong>The</strong> <span>home of</span>the gentle touch!

    The home ofthe gentle touch!

    Having your teeth cleaned is an important part of maintaining a healthy mouth. Dr. Mike and his highly trained staff will pamper your teeth and gums while removing the plaque that can cause cavities and gum disease, leaving you with a healthier smile.

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  • <strong>Enjoy</strong> <span>your new  </span> dazzling smile!

    Enjoy your new dazzling smile!

    At Stephens General Dentistry we can give you that amazing smile you have always dreamed of having!

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  • <strong>High</strong> <span>quality of  </span> dental care

    High quality of dental care

    Dentistry has played an important role in Dr. Stephens' life. Ask Dr. Michael Stephens (Dr. Mike) what attracted him to the profession, and you'll hear about how he enjoys helping patients overcome almost any dental challenge and creating beautiful smiles

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About Our Clinic

We've got the dentistry you want: gentle, affordable and very convenient

Dr. Michael Stephens wants you to look forward to coming to the dentist. After all, you've got about 32 good reasons to visit us, from your baby teeth to your wisdom teeth. And now he's giving you even more. He'll not only take excellent care of your mouth, he'll make sure you understand what you can do to prevent future dental problems


  • "Stephen's General Dentistry employs the highest caliber of people I have ever been associated with during my life. The atmosphere is so friendly, pleasant, immaculate, and the customer service sets the example for other businesses to emulate. The staff starting from the top are so professional but yet they displaying such a caring attitude that is equaled in my opinion. Each time I get to brag on this facility and people who make this facility so awesome I do. Thanks for making our years of experience so wonderful. Job well done!!!!!!!!!!!"


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